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Sacred Heart of Jesus † Dundalk, MD


What do I need to do when a death occurs and I am responsible for making arrangements?
Contact the Funeral Home of your choice and make an appointment to meet with them. The Funeral Home will call us to coordinate the burial. You will be asked to come directly to the cemetery from the Funeral Home. If you need to purchase rights of interment (burial space), you will choose the space at that time. You may also purchase a vault through us. All fees, including opening/closing will be payable at the time of the meeting.

Does the Catholic Church accept cremation?
While the Church permits cremation, the Church prefers and urges the body of the deceased be present for the funeral rites, namely for the vigil and the funeral liturgy. The cremated remains of the body are to be treated and handled with the same respect and dignity given to the corporeal remains of the body. This includes final disposition. The remains are to be buried in the ground of a communal cemetery, preferably a Catholic Cemetery, or entombed in a mausoleum or columbariun. The cultural practices of scattering cremated remains, keeping them at home, or interring them elsewhere are not considered reverent or appropriate ways of disposition from the standpoint of the Church.

Does the cost of the interment rights include perpetual care, and what does that cover?
The Redemptorist Cemeteries are dedicated to the perpetual care and maintenance of their properties. Perpetual care includes grass cutting and trimming around memorials, filling in graves and leveling memorials if size allows.

Can I pre-pay the opening/closing costs of my grave?
The Redemptorist Cemeteries does not allow families to pre-pay opening/closing fees. These fees can only be paid at the time of death.

I am not Catholic. Can I still be buried with my spouse in a Redemptorist Cemetery?
Yes, spouses or relatives of Catholics who purchase the right of burial in a Catholic Cemetery can also be buried there. The Church believes that those who were together in life should remain together in death.

Will the Chapel at Holy Redeemer in Baltimore ever be restored and used again?
The Furst Chapel at Holy Redeemer in Baltimore was used for Church Services and Funeral Masses in years past. While work was done to repair the domed roof of this building, there is still work to be done to fully restore this landmark. Our hope is to be able to utilize it again in the near future.

My relatives were buried in the old St. Alphonsus Cemetery in Baltimore. How can I find them?
St. Alphonsus Cemetery was located on the corner of Biddle Street and Edision Hwy. in Baltimore City. It was closed in 1917 and families began removing their relatives to other cemeteries. If a family moved them to Holy Redeemer, we will have records. If they were not moved by the family and were buried in the mass grave, we have no records.

How do I obtain a memorial for my loved one’s grave?
Memorials may be purchased at our offices at competitive prices. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide what kind of memorial is needed for your particular section in the cemetery and help you design a personalized tribute to your loved one. When you purchase from us, we will provide a temporary flat marker at no charge to you.

What can I expect when arriving at the cemetery for a commital service?
When arriving in funeral procession, our Family Service Associates will lead you to the service location and will be available during the service for any questions or needs. At Holy Redeemer in Baltimore, all services are conducted on the patio at the new Mausoleum of the Redeemer. You will find this to be more comfortable than graveside. Our large tent will accommodate a larger gathering and we can provide heat during the winter. Services are held graveside at all our other locations.